Plavajoča hiša

Eider Oruezabala

doc. mag. Polona Filipič, MArch Bi
asist. Sinan Mihelčič

Kostanjevica na Krki is an agricultural and fishing town, surrounded by Krka river. This makes it unique, but its popularity is not proportional to its potential. That is why it is important to investigate a way to develop its tourism in a sustainable way.

The town as an island can be seen from away but it is difficult to realise that from the inside. There are two main roads and there is a barrier of buildings that hide the view to the river from the inside, mostly all throughout the island. This makes the architecture of the place present and interesting to research. Apart from the little activity of the town, as it is surrounded by the river, it is a place where big floods happen very often and this have caused lot of problems during the years. There isn’t big activity in the town, there isn’t any public space to host it and areas along the river are mostly private.

Considering these topics, the idea was to start thinking about new typologies that, instead of avoiding the river, they have relation with it. The most interesting and promising is the idea of floating houses that can move along the river. These floating houses are thought also specifically for long term fishing tourism and for floating market modules where local products and public activity are provided.