Wine cellar, Covered market and Restaurant

Lauralie Chabot

mentor: prof. Maruša Zorec
asistent: asist. Uroš Rustja
demonstratorja: Tadej Bolta, Andraž Keršič

Settlements in Goričko region were always result of a confrontation with the slope. In Goričko, there is a special organization of this hilly landscape, the agricultural plots are located at the bottom of the slope so as to take advantage of the rainwater and the built, at the top of the hill so as to have a high quality of light. My program takes place on the highest point of the site, connects to the existing building, currently used for agriculture, links the road with the village and faces the Castle. My goal is to improve traditional agriculture while connecting production to consumption. To create a market  place, a restaurant, a wine cellar,  offering local products coming from neighborhood plots. Covered market is connected to the existing building by a unified wooden structure, restaurant connects them through the wine cellar. The joint between the two buildings opens as a wide view of the landscape, vineyards, the village and the castle. The existing part integrates the vertical wine production process because of its height. Different steps lead  from  the  lowest  point with the tractor access, pressing  phase, fermentation  and maturation  inside the  barrels and, on the top  floor,  a  place  with  wine  bottles  connected  to  the  tasting place that opens onto the wine lines.

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