Pristava workshops & gallery

Hugo Chétot

mentor: prof. Maruša Zorec
asistent: asist. Uroš Rustja
demonstratorja: Tadej Bolta, Andraž Keršič

This project could be read as a return to primeval sources by interpreting old architectural typologies. Like in a cloister, I choose to put two buildings (Pristava and the new Gallery building) in a dialogue, articulated by a courtyard. This contemplative garden acts as the extension of the different spaces surrounding the two buildings. Gallery takes up the same volume as Pristava, thus, a perspective is created opening the courtyard towards the existing hill, very strong element of the site. On the other side, the filigree of the Gallery exudes the rural landscape of Goricko. Through a game of steps that follow the gently sloping topography, the garden lead us towards these landscapes. I reversed the logic of the peristyle around the courtyard in order to understand the circulation space as the the edges of the spaces. They become the main spaces of the project. Workshops and exhibitions spaces are oriented to the courtyard, creating a dialog between the inside and the outside.On the structural level duality between the mass and the filigree is implemented in two ways. For Pristava, it ís the original walls that embrace the new, lightly inserted structure. For Gallery building it is vice versa as the filigree structure envelopes the massive walls.

#živeti z zemljo #oživljanje podeželja #krajinski park goričko #prenova #dediščina #tradicionalni materiali