Emilija Aleksijoska

mentor: prof. Maruša Zorec
asistent: asist. Uroš Rustja
demonstratorja: Tadej Bolta, Andraž Keršič

Tavern is the the first building that awaits you when you enter the village and directs you towards the castle. Its place is a focal point. Concept of my project is focused around the common space – a place for gathering. In order not to hinder the perspective view from the village towards the landscape, and vice versa, I demolished the old building and installed two new ones. Built out of rammed  earth, walls of the new buildings rise from the ground. With my new intervention, I am trying to help the problem Goričko region faces. Emigration of young people and lonely elderly population. One part of the building remains a tavern, accompanied by a family house of the owner. In the other building, the space is intended for workshops where young people learn from the elderly masters. Space in between becomes a large square shaded by the canopies of the existing walnut trees. Connection of village with nature becomes the main theme of the project. The movement through the square, via the space between the rammed earth walls and workshops that leads to the top of the hill. From there, views open towards the castle and the landscape.

#živeti z zemljo #oživljanje podeželja #krajinski park goričko #skupnost #samooskrba #sadjarstvo #zeliščarstvo #kulinarika