For the people

Angel Arsovski

mentor: prof. Maruša Zorec
asistent: asist. Uroš Rustja
demonstratorja: Tadej Bolta, Andraž Keršič

The castle Grad is located in the eastern most part of Slovenia in Goričko region. As a part of the Nature park Goričko, one of the initiatives is to make this castle a tourist attraction. On the other hand we have the local population that lives in small villages hidden on the slopes of the surrounding landscape. Some of the people cultivate the land, they owe farms, they grow crops, while many others travel abroad and to bigger cities for work. The question that i wanted to ask is: “Do we put aside the local population or can we involve them?” The aim of my project is to achieve a symbiosis between the tourists and the locals. The program of the renovated castle includes a market, public kitchen and open public space. The market will give the people a chance to sell their produce and, the public kitchen will use the locally sourced goods also. This and other parts of the program are interwoven with important historical parts of the castle such as the bergfried, the ramparts of the oldest part of the castle and the gothic portal. The goal of my project is to strengthen the sense of community and achieve greater interaction between the visitors and the locals.

#živeti z zemljo #oživljanje podeželja #krajinski park goričko #grad #prenova #dediščina #samooskrba