Pristava Brewery

Hugo Dellinger

mentor: prof. Maruša Zorec
asistent: asist. Uroš Rustja
demonstratorja: Tadej Bolta, Andraž Keršič

Goričko has a particular landscape. These lands are hilly and difficult to travel through. This influenced the lives of people living here through the ages and placed farming and agriculture in an essential place. Despite the hard life in the country side, Goričko also offers the biggest castle of Slovenia to those who venture in this region. Unfortunately, the castle is having trouble to maintain itself. In response to this, the purpose of my project is to give this region more ways of attracting and entertaining tourists or groups of children on a school day trip. I would like to link the existing activities in the village to the tourist activities. Allowing the village to perceive income from the foreign visitors will keep the heart of Goričko beating. The main idea of the project is to offer a place for people to meet and interact in order to exchange knowledge or produce. Inspired by the concept of a market place, this project brings together a place for local people and, also a place for visitors to discover and learn about the life in this area. Local people who work here can grow crops and offer local food to attract people with healthy products. This would bring locals and travellers  to gather around the same thing, a pleasant lunch or drinks, made with local natural products. From an architectural point of view, current building offers a particularly interesting space with its very elongated shape divided by two underground basements. The concept of the project is to keep the existing envelope of the building in order to avoid distorting the original atmosphere of the village. By keeping the outside walls and the two current basement, the building naturally divides itself in three different spaces. These allow multiple functions under the same roof. First part holds a hotel and reception area. Other parts are occupied by a bar where people can interact and drink locally produced beer. There is also a restaurant where they share a meal coming from less than a mile away. Apart from the envelope, few of the inside walls are kept to maintain a solid structure. In addition some new walls are built to separate essential commodities and solidify the current walls. On top of these walls a new contrasting roof structure is built. Hotel rooms on the first floor hang from the roof structure, leaving a clear open space underneath for the common rooms.

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