Bežigrad Colours

Daniela Leccese

mentor/-ica: prof. dr. Tadeja Zupančič
konzultant/-ka: doc. dr. Simon Petrovčič

The new mixed-use building in Bežigrad is located in a space with a great historical past that today is a simple plot closed by a fence. One point to take into account in the analysis of the plot is the noise coming from the adjacent streets. Several proposals focus on this aspect (Bežigrad Gates, Growing Living Place, Bežigrad Underground). Another issue to be considered is the sidewalk of Dunajska cesta, which is very narrow. In this project this is solved by improving the accessibility to the plot.
These aspects are solved with a noise barrier (related to Court Building Dunajska), a concrete wall and a dense row of trees, which in turn separates the space of the boulevard from the plot. This creates a space of nature and disconnection inside the plot.
The project is mainly composed of a pavilion whose roof has a thin layer of water, a forest with leisure spaces inside, and a building with mixed uses, characterised by its terraces that give view to the interior of the plot. These elements always have nature in mind to create a pleasant space.
The main building consists on five floors of offices, with exhibition rooms and a restaurant on the ground floor, and panoramic terraces with views of the forest on the rest of the floors, which together with the coworking spaces ensure a suitable working environment. The other seven floors are used for housing. There are three types of houses and all of them follow an orthogonal grid of 6×6 m.
The design of this project strongly defends the transition between spaces (nature-build), allowing the creation of panoramic terraces, which give the sensation of emerging from the ground.

Project-specific keywords:
housing, dormitory, offices, public space, park, greenery, terraces, nature, forest, colours

Related group project (the same location, different temporality): A Hidden Place – Workshop: A Growing Place

Project context: A Hidden Place – Studio and Workshop / A-Place (Creative Europe)

#od sobe do mesta – raziskava prostorskih razmerij #kontekstualna občutljivost #skriti prostori