Rhythm of Nature

Vildana Salanović

mentor/-ica: prof. dr. Tadeja Zupančič

From observing the surroundings, the idea of a connection between man and nature was conceived. A platform was developed, an intermediate dimension that connects the human being with nature. The idea is to provide intimacy between a human and water, and the connection between the depth of the unknown and the know which is everything above us. Location is the Koseze pond in Ljubljana.
The new platform is connected with the existing one. It creates new paths, new views and framing those views which are very intimate point between a human and water. And so… being close to the water creates a new perspective with intimacy. The existing path leads to intervention on the surface made of timber. The platform is designed to create panoramic views from the middle of the pond. In some parts we have cabins for sitting and observing, views on these parts are controlled and focused on the most interesting points of the pond.

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#od sobe do mesta – raziskava prostorskih razmerij #kontekstualna občutljivost #skriti prostori