Looking through Other Eyes

Julia Cordero Pedrero

mentor/-ica: prof. dr. Tadeja Zupančič

This project is a development of small projects carried out until the final intervention. They all revolve around people’s different perceptions of the same space or object. Therefore, by playing with scale and with different points of view it is possible to reach those perceptions.
In the first of these, we make a comparison between the perception of the space between a person with architectural vision and another who has studied philosophy and therefore his vision of space is totally different.
Then we started playing with the scale as well. In this way, we develop a model in which looking through the holes of different shapes you can discover different perspectives. We adapt the model to a larger scale as is the city and we play with the hours throughout the day to create different environments.
Finally, we take a honeycomb as a reference and scale it to perform ephemeral interventions. In the first we created a structure based on hexagons united with each other, glazed and colorful in which different activities can be done. In the second, we create urban elements based on that polygonal figure that we join and vary the heights to adapt to different spaces. This is how we create seats, tables or even playgrounds.

#od sobe do mesta – raziskava prostorskih razmerij #kontekstualna občutljivost #arhitekt kurator