The hidden wall

Pablo Genovés Chiquillo

home university: Polytechnic University of Valencia

mentor/-ka: izr. prof. dr. Tomaž Novljan

The period where the city of Valencia (Spain) remained under Muslim domination lasted for 400 years, leaving an undoubted cultural trace in the traditions of its people. Not the same happened to their architecture, where nowadays only very few vestiges can be seen. One of the most important remains are the towers and defensive walls, which today are abandoned and forgotten.

These remains are located in the old part of the city. Unfortunately, despite having important monuments and squares, these places are colonized by a massive tourism, whose infrastructures have been occupying the streets and pushing out local population, leading to a lack of belonging of the place.

The aim of the project is the conservation and protection of the Muslim wall and its defensive towers, all together with the different historical layers that have coexisted with these elements. It is also about putting them in value and serving as a basis to solve the deficiencies of the neighborhood, attracting local population, while allowing a responsible tourism.

For this project, a path throw the old Muslim wall is propose, which it will lead to two spaces, where it will be located an archaeological garden and community center.

#Heritage #Restoration #Symbiosis #Inclusion #Identity