Be bridge

Maria Kęsy

home university: Wroclaw Univeristy of Science and Technology – Poland

mentor/-ka: izr. prof. dr. Tomaž Novljan

Be-bridge (Between bridge) is, as the name suggests, a relationship between deep ideological analysis and physical solution. The research phase of the project focused on the topic of “Room and the city” and an attempt to develop ways of analyzing space in the context of well-defined terms: room, body, threshold and path. Further step was to translate this abstract analysis into an abstract but already physical model. The second phase of the project focused on analysis in abstract and non-abstract categories a new project site that already had an emotional importance for the author. As a result of this phase, the volume of the building for mixed use was developed. The structure is consistent with three parts: the office part, the cultural part and the workshop part. These functions are a response to the character and needs of the district. Building creates a bridge between profit and unprofitable functions, between communities, users and of course between the city and the river. The task of this building is to create a space that will pay attention to the strengthened and so beautiful diversity of the city and residents.

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