Wizarding Ljubljana: The transport system

Manuela Forni

mentor: doc. dr. Or Ettlinger

As part of the team project ‘Wizarding Ljubljana’, this project presents the transport system of the wizards’ Nova ulica (the ‘New Street’). 

The transport system started to develop in 1895 and became fully operational in 1938. It contains two transport units: a local unit to connect all the newly developed areas of the city, and an intercity unit to link it to other wizarding cities. 

The local unit consists of a small fleet of upside-down boats that are reverse-floating on the one-meter thick water layer that covers Nova ulica. They are served by specific boat stops that connect the two ends of Nova ulica and continue to Rakovnik Lake, outside of Nova ulica. Their first active line was Ministry of Magic – Train Station – Rakovnik Lake. 

The intercity unit is an underground train station located in the south of Nova ulica under Špica, by the split of the river and Gruber canal. It is served by a small added extension to the existing railway system of Ljubljana, which branches off the non-wizards tracks by Hradeckega cesta and goes into the canal through a dedicated (and magically-camouflaged) tube. The design of the train station also includes a pedestrian connection between the wizarding and non-wizarding parts of Ljubljana, through a hidden entrance gate under the Prule Bridge.

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