Archive for Mark Manders

Katja Dežman

profesor: doc. mag. Paul O Robinson 

Identifying and constructing pathways, apertures, rooms within the city.
Using history as a symbolization of layers with a thickness of space and thresholds. Creating an ambience of the city streets within the model.
Mapping as a tool to search for the archive.

Multiple pathways emerge from the analysis, that represents different choices visitors can use it when entering a street, piazza, room.
Some you can enter and observe the space, reflect on the path taken, or just watch from a distance what the city has to offer.
Identifying the archive in the model. A room you can not enter, just observe from different levels.

Selecting the work based on the personal experience of understanding, keeping in mind the chronology.

Adding the narrative of Manders and rearranging it again. The common theme is his narrative of connections and reflections of the work through his process. I view it as a series of rooms that are connected with two pathways symbolizing his work process and reflecting on the artwork.
Developing the context and situating the archive.
The urban environment, so the building would function as a person in a community.
Manders said that about his monumental work Self-portrait as a building, so considering that I took the whole context to program. Taking the existing archives as locations for The Manders archive and programming it so it contains all the important landmarks in his life. Roma publications, artwork exhibition area, a place for an outside exhibition, workplace.
Describing his work as the existence in a different world that is inhabited by his alter ego also called Mark Manders.

#od sobe do mesta – raziskava prostorskih razmerij

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